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Fifa 12 New Features

The first fifa 12 details came out in April, but the first significant preview and interview on EA’s Fifa 12 game with a lot of new and ground breaking info.

Fifa 12 will improve on a few key areas from last year’s game. 
The new impact engine was revealed a few wekks ago, which supposedly includes players reacting to tackles depending on where and how an impact hits them, as opposed to the engine in fifa 11 where the players relied on pre-set animations depicting stumbles and falls.

“The result is physical play that looks astonishingly authentic” says OXM, noting also that specific injuries will be based on new physics recognition (which has its biggest impact in career modes) and stronger players will be more resilient.

Those bigger, stronger players will also have a more realistic impact as they can now recognise where they’re most effective (in the box, waiting for the cross if you’re nine foot tall, waiting on the edge of the area if you have a foot like a traction engine) and, with a new ‘Pro Player Intelligence’ system, teams will adapt their style based on their key players’ attributes.

The defensive game has also been reworked. Pressing the A or X button no longer sees tacklers home in on attackers – instead they’ll hold off to “contain” opponents, leaving it up to you to tweak your position and time the final tackle just right.

“EA’s hoping that by making defensive play more strategic, even nil-nil draws will be gripping,” says the mag.

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    I play alot of fifa but i really hope you put in FUT and if you do i think it should be in the game at the start.In FUT it get really hard to keep buyin contract so u could boost them up so a bronez is 5 now and you could put it 10.I also think in manger mode tranfers should be more relistic becuase when i was southend United Anelka went to wigan and The manger should been on the side line and if you make a sub you could get the manger to shout out some tactics

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    Don’t forget the Arabic Commentary :) this is a new feature

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