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Huge Fifa 12 Sale!

Fifa 12 has been marked down to under $39.99 on both XBOX 360 and PS3.  If you are looking for a great sports video game, fifa 12 is a must buy.  It is by far the best soccer/football video game and essential for any true football/soccer fan.  Order yours today!

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Upcoming FIFA 14 Pre Order News

FIFA 14 is now available for pre order on the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, PC XBOX One, and PlayStation 4.  It is set to be released on the current generation of consoles in September.  It will be released on the next generation consoles in November.

Lionel Messi will again be on the front cover of the soccer video game for all versions.  Their are a few great bonuses as well when you reserve FIFA 14.

Should anything change between now and the time of delivery, you will receive all extra bonuses or price changes.

FIFA 12 Game Review

In six years, FIFA for Xbox 360 has evolved to a strong and competitor crushing phenomenon. The FIFA series has surpassed Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series in almost every department, and upgrades each version with new features and production value.

The most significant changes to FIFA12 is the player’s ability to defend. The attention to the push/pull mechanic focuses more on pressuring the attacker into making a mistake. This is am interesting change since in the past games the second player would try to get the ball instead of causing the mistake to take the ball instead. The new changes will take a little time to get accustomed to, but once you’re familiar with the tactical style and approach you’ll forget all the previous versions.
The big game changer of FIFA12 is the Player Impact Engine. Players will now have the ability to move and react more realistically to events, including when they experience injuries. One of the biggest examples of the injuries due to the Player Impact Engine is seen in Career Mode. The manager is faced with realistic injury downtime for a player, and decisions whether to play ones coming off of an injury or who are fatigued.

Regarding the visual front, FIFA 2012 freshens up the game play with small cosmetic and presentational changes. You will find no blander and annoying stadium shots and the presenters have a new voice. Alan Smith does a great job next to Martin Tyler as co-commentator. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend’s commentary doesn’t stand up to the other two, but after a while the variety is welcomed. As mentioned before, the Career mode has bunch of new features such as dealing with player’s injuries. However, it also features player’s concerns about their playtime and ability to negotiate trades. Unfortunately, if you’re new to Xbox Live you’ll miss out on the ‘Support Your Club’ system.

One of the least effective changes of FIFA 12 is their precision dribbling feature. Attempted dribbles and intricate footwork is often trumped by more powerful tactical defending techniques. Additionally, a Scenario Challenge mode, similar to other EA Sports games, is much needed to challenge players in real-life challenges. Right now, there only seems to be half-baked attempts in previous FIFA’s and hopefully in the next round we’ll see an improvement.

Overall, FIFA12 is the best version yet, and will not disappoint any eager football fan of the real life sport or the EA Sport version.

FIFA 12 Career Mode Review

Still haven’t played FIFA12? Well what are you waiting for? Here’s a glimpse into their new and improved Career Mode in case you’re still waiting.

As always, the manager mode is well designed and easy to maneuver. The mode’s transfer options are unbelievably realistic and mirror many players that were rumored to be switching teams. Transfer negotiations appear to be easier this year, not necessarily getting the person but getting them for a good price. On your transfer screen there is a dollar figure to indicate a realistic offer, and saves tons of time on your end from re-negotiating. Also, before the transfer window shuts you’ll have ten extra turns to negotiate. A great feature is the increased action towards the end of deadline day – you’ll start feeling the anxiety of a real manager.

The manager will have new responsibilities and issues to deal with in FIFA 12. Players will approach you with all sorts of problems. Sometimes it will be performance based, but other times it might be concerning a transfer. Either way, the manager will need to make more decisions and have an active role in the team. Besides the players, the manager will also be the main point of communication regarding the media and press. You will have the ability to present an opinion on the upcoming matches, players or teams whether positive or negative. If speaking to the press has an effect on the game, I haven’t seen it yet.

A big switch or rather a big improvement from FIFA11 is the youth recruiting and progression. The scouts find young talent to add to your youth academy, and if you pay more you’ll get the scout who finds the best talent. The player progression is more logical this time around. Early improvements are gauged by on a realistic scale of a few points where more weathered players in their late teens or early twenties will progress quicker.

All the improvements within Career Mode are welcomed and a lot of fun to explore. The realistic and interesting capabilities featured with the mode provide a true experience of what it might be as a manager. Of course, the UEFA licenses aren’t available in this game so you’ll still need to trade or play within the European League instead of the Champions League. However all else aside, Career Mode is a welcomed addition to an active participation and shaping of your team.

IGN Reviews: FIFA 12 Game Review

What to Expect from FIFA 12

FIFA 12 is one of the most highly anticipated game releases among football (soccer to all you gamers in North America) fans this year, following up on the highly successful FIFA 11. The opportunity to test the game through a Fifa 12 demo reveals some of the features which distinguish FIFA 2012 over the previous version. While the game is similar to FIFA 11 in many ways, it plays more realistically and fixes some of the issues which may have bothered fans of previous versions.

One of the biggest improvements in FIFA 12 is the graphics; for those who felt that the players had poor skin textures and eyes in FIFA 11, FIFA 12 should offer some relief in the guise of much more realistic and natural looking players who bring the playing field to life. Another new feature which is geared toward improving the realism of the AI players is Pro Player Intelligence. This new programming makes AI players more aware of their strengths and those of their teammates and opponents, which they can then use as they strategize their next moves. This can lead to more interesting and believable game play. With more challenging AI players, gamers will have a lot to look forward to in terms of computerized competition.

Another big feature is Precision Dribbling. While this has always been a feature in FIFA games, it is now better than ever. If you found the controls difficult to manage in the past you will be happy to learn that in FIFA 12 the system is more responsive and makes it easier for you to control the ball.

The most noticeable change may be the new Impact Engine. Its programming is geared toward improving the physics of the game, particularly as relates to collisions between players and balls. Another exciting feature in FIFA12 is Career Mode, which simulates the effects of off-field events on player performance.

Is FIFA 12 much different from its predecessor? On first glance you may find the game very similar, apart from the graphics improvements. There are many marked improvements though and most of them take the form of enhanced programming. While these changes may seem subtle, they actually add up to quite a bit in terms of improving gameplay. All in all the features contribute to a more natural and believable gameplay experience which is sure to please fans of the FIFA franchise.

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